Thumbstick click™ carries the mini joystick similar to those found on PS2 and Xbox controllers.


The dual axis, spring return, pushbutton enabled joystick receives directional input by way of two potentiometers. The pushbutton sends an interrupt signal to the target board microcontroller. The analog signal is converted to digital with the MCP3204 12-bit A/D converter, then outputed to the target board through mikroBUS™ SPI (CS, SCK, MISO and MOSI) lines.

The gamers among you will be familiar with this one. You relied on your analog joysticks to escape from enemy territory, score last minute goals, or invade alien worlds. Now you can put it to use in your embedded projects and have the same 360 degree motion for fine control of rc cars, planes, or just graphical user interfaces.

Start from Libstock examples. Specs and details on the product page.

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