The blockbuster season is in full effect and we’re in the mood for movies. Over the years we published over 80 videos on Vimeo and Youtube. Usually we post them then forget about them. Today we dug through our crates to find some (almost forgotten) old an recent gems.

Underwater LED blinking

This is the second best water-related scientific breakthrough ever since Archimedes leapt from his bathtub — LED blinking works under water! Yeah, maybe we weren’t the first who had done it, but you could say the same about Archimedes. He ran naked through the streets of Syracuse yelling Eureka, we just posted our experiment on Youtube.

SpeakUp — Make a move


Shot on location on Times Square, this cheesy office romance has been completely staged. We’ve done it purely to show off our inhouse language skills. And yeah, to promote SpeakUp, the speech recognition click board. However, like a young unknown Scarlett Johansson in Home Alone 3, the Buggy (then yet to be released) made a cameo in this film.

Buggy — Take your code to the road

After making a few more cameos, this year the Buggy finally starred in the leading role. Watch this movie and see where George Miller got the idea for the new Mad Max from. He just switched the winter scenery for a desert (in a blatant attempt to hide his source of inspiration), and added an hour or two of extra footage. You ain’t fooling nobody George.

Making of EasyPIC v7

EasyPIC v7, the super star destroyer in our fleet of development tools. This sprawling epic depicts how the board comes into existence. A classic, but ripe for a remake (special edition?), since these boards are now made on one of our two new production lines.

Corporate Headquarters

And finally, our corporate movie. This one has been subject to endless looping on TV screens adorning our booths and stands at various trade fairs. It’s also seen its fair share of rotation on our CEO’s blackberry. The film was shot to promote our HQ. If we reshot it today, the final handwave scene would feature an additional row of people squatting in the front row — as we grew from 50 to 70+ employees since.

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