Our short break is over and we’re back in action with our regular hours. One of our first orders of business is to get everything in place to start shipping the Buggy on January 26. Your feedback is welcome.


Until we release a video to show off the Buggy and all its features, including the open source Android app, here are a couple more images to get your imagination going.


The tires on the Buggy have good grip, so we’re hoping to get some traction online. For now, one of our distributors featured it, but if you can think of a blogger who would be eager to review our newest four-wheel development platform, let us know.


Also, have a look at the Buggy presentation on our site. We tried to cover the essentials without broadening the story too much for now — but if you left the page with some unanswered questions, let us know and we’ll try to rectify that ASAP.

We can’t wait to get the Buggy out on the road near you, be it your own lab, garage, hackshed, classroom, or a real road. Until then…

Yours sincerely,

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