The FlowPaw is yet to be available from our site, but Kickstarter backers received their boards, resulting in the first round of reviews.

FlowPaw reviews

Most notable is the piece by David Hayward in the UK magazine Micro Mart. The three-pager explains in great detail how FlowStone STEM and FlowPaw work together. The author points out that the “One of the most effective ways to begin building with the FlowPaw is to hack an already created example,” then goes through modifying the “Write my name” example that works with 8×8 click.

Also interesting are the concluding remarks that consider the wider applicability of FlowPaw:

While the FlowPaw exists as a learning platform for students to get their first taste of electronic and visual programming, it can also be considered an ideal add-on board for those who require slightly more focused control over a particular element of their own projects.

If you’re in the UK try getting your own copy of this week’s Micro Mart. Otherwise read the entire review from this pdf.

Next up is FlowStone Guru who, as the blog’s name implies, offers a perspective on FlowPaw from a seasoned user of the software part.

The third review comes from the Italian Elettronica Open Source, the same site that featured PIC clicker awhile back (the FlowPaw was inspired by PIC clicker in the first place). Use Google Translate to read this one. Here’s the introduction, just to convince you that Google Translate does do a readable job these days (it’s just a tiny bit edited):

“Development boards, demo boards and learning kits are not all alike: some are very powerful but aesthetically unappealing. Others, however, are extremely beautiful to look at but not very functional or expandable. What we present today, however, is probably one of the best and most promising compromise that appeared on the scene from the point of view of functional as well as educational. We are going to introduce a kit really addressed at all; We welcome you to FlowPaw.”

If that has your enthusiasm growing, wait until we make our own FlowPaw page. Coming soon.

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