This weekend offer is a treat for PIC enthusiasts: we’re offering PICPLC16 v6, our PIC-based programmable logic controller, for 139 USD.


PICPLC16 v6 is a PLC system that allows you to develop PIC-based industrial, home or office control devices the easy way—it has the MikroElektronika features you’re familiar with: onboard programmer and mikroICD debugger, clear silkscreen markings, and many onboard modules.

The board comes with the PIC18F4520 MCU but you can replace it with any other supported 8-bit PIC in DIP40 packaging.

The board connects to external devices through 16 optocouplers and 16 relays (for currents of up to 16 amps).

PICPLC16 has numerous modules like an RS232 port, RS845 port, real-time clock…

The onboard Serial Ethernet module enables you to take full control over your PLC system from a web browser or any other network-connected device.

There’s also a connector for our GSM booster that carries Telit’s GL865-QUAD GSM module (the connector is also compatible with Telit’s older, now obsolete, GM862-GPS, GM862-QUAD-PY and GM862-QUAD modules, if you happen to own one).

Check the specs and details, with brand new photos, on PICPLC16 v6’s newly redesigned page.

This offer lasts until Wednesday September 24, 5PM CET.

Yours sincerely,

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