We have a new click board that can cause a revolution. Many revolutions. The ones we measure in rpm – It’s the DC MOTOR click™, a simple solution for adding a DC motor driver to your design.


DC MOTOR click™ features the DRV8833RTY H-Bridge motor driver, and a 74HC4053 multiplexer that allows you to run the motor with only one PWM line from the mikroBUS™ socket. The board is designed to use either a 3.3V or 5V power supply, which can be provided either from the mikroBUS™ socket or externally through CN2 terminals. It’s limited to a 0.9A driving current with a 0.22Ω current sense resistor.

It also has two LEDs, a green power indicator, and a red one that signals an active nFault line (in case of a short-circuit).

So that’s 72 click boards for now, but rest assured, more are on the way.

Yours sincerely,

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