Last week we asked you what sort of click board would you want to see. Here are the responses we got.

most sought after click board

Hands down the most sought after click board is camera click. Out of close to a 100 entries (we got a few even after the 100th click board was released), 11 people asked for a camera on a click board. Including Andrew Hazelden:

“It would be really neat to have a click board that had an onboard color or black and white CMOS video camera with a frame grabber module that could work with Mikromedia boards.”

Next to it, five people wanted to see a Z-wave click, arguing that it’s now a de-facto wireless home automation standard.

About the same number of readers hoped to see a click board with a finger-print scanner, showing that many of you are concerned with security.

Those are basically the only click board ideas that more than one person agreed upon. The rest of the answers are all varied. Some exotic suggestions include a “Geiger counter click”, and a “bio click” with EEG, ECG, EoG, EMG — similar to the ThinkUp we wrote about for April’s fools day (which is not to say that such a click couldn’t be done).

Also, some people suggested click boards that we already have, like cc3000 click, color click and few more. So just in case, browse through our click board list to see if you’ve missed something you’re looking to have.

We have another question for you this Friday. What’s in your browser tab beside MikroElektronika? In other words, what are your favorite Embedded-related web-sites, blogs and things of that sort. Answer here.

We’re looking for some ideas for weekend reading, so please share.

Yours sincerely,

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