Coolness plays a crucial role in the world of HiFi. It’s mostly about the sound, yes, but if you can admire the looks of the equipment too, your overall pleasure increases. So let’s consider some RaspyPlay4 casings that complement the sound quality you hear.

RaspyPlay4 casings

These two cases come from Playcut, friends of EuroGenyx (the inventors of RaspyPlay 4).


The first is the luxury version, called layerstyle. It makes the RaspyPlay4 + Raspberry Pi combo look like a thousand dollar piece of equipment (RaspyPlay4, to remind you, is $39). The casing is constructed from 12 layers of 3mm acrylic, laser cut and snapped together with four screws. Pay attention to the details, like the light pipes for the LEDs. Nice touch.

RaspyPlay4 classic

The somewhat toned down, but equally well designed is the classic version. The panels are made from 3 mm acrylic sheets, with clips from 2mm acrylic and transparent acrylic pieces for the LED pipes. This one requires no tools to assemble.

Best part?

You can make these on your own. Just find someone to do the laser cutting for you. All the necessary files are included on Playcut’s website.

High end consumer audio with DIY prices, what a combo!

Yours sincerely,

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