Less than a week has passed, and we have another click board™ for temperature measuring. THERMO 5 click can measure up to 191°C. That’s the temperature at which you roast a chicken. Also, that is the temperature of solder joints when they melt. Who would have known that a chicken and your soldering iron have a thing in common?

THERMO 5 click

THERMO 5 click can monitor four temperature channels, one internal and three external. The click carries EMC1414 temperature sensor from Microchip.

The default temperature measuring range is from 0°C to 127°C, and the extended range of -64°C to 191°C.

You can use it in environmental monitoring applications, in industrial equipment, different embedded applications, or in simple temperature monitoring projects.

The Celsius temperature scale

The most widely used temperature scale in the world today is the Celsius scale. It got its name from the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius.

Did you know that he originally planned to have 100 degrees as the freezing point and the 0 degrees for the boiling point of water?

Anders Celsius was productive in other fields of science as well. He developed a tool to measure the brightness of stars.

For more information about the click, see the product page.

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