From 9 to 12-bit resolution measurements, Thermo 2 click board communicates with the target MCU through a 1-Wire interface.

thermo 2 click

We’re kicking off a series of new clicks with 1-Wire interface. Just to show how much you can do with only a single port pin available from the MCU.

Two things make the DS1825 IC that’s on Thermo 2 click especially suitable for applications where you need a multitude of sensors as part of a data logging network. First, each sensor has a unique 64-bit address. Second, you can setup a unique ID for each sensor using a 4-bit location address. That means you can connect up to 16 sensors to a single bus.

Thermo 2 click has four jumpers that for conveniently setting up that 4-bit address.

Another, equally convenient jumper, is for selecting one of two available mikroBUS™ pins for the sensor output.

As for the measuring range, Thermo 2 click handles between –10°C to 85°C, with a ±0.5°C accuracy. According to the data sheet, the sensor converts the temperature to a 12-bit word in no more than 750 milliseconds.

The Libstock example is ready. More details on the product page.

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