Yet another WiFi click today — WiFi3. This one carries the ES8266 module which received a lot of hype last year since it was featured on Hackaday. Back then you couldn’t get a non-chinese data sheet for it. Today it landed on a click board.

WiFi3 click

The ESP8266 module with a system on a chip will completely offload all networking functions from the MCU. It has a, you could say mandatory, integrated TCP/IP stack, but more than that, the SoC has powerful processing and storage capabilities for a WiFi module.

In addition to a standard mikroBUS socket, WiFi3 click also has 6 additional GPIO pins you can use to connect and control external electronics.

We’re giving you all these WiFi options (this being our fourth click board with a WiFi module) because that’s the most obvious, maybe easiest way to connect your devices to the web. There’s a WiFi router with an internet connection in every home or office more or less. We don’t want to push it, but the fact is, you gotta have a WiFi module in your click board collection if you want venture into IoT.

See the specs and details for WiFi3 click, but also check out the other three WiFi click boards to see which one suits you.

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