You don’t need a degree in organic chemistry to cook a meal, expertise in combustion engines to drive a car, and by the same analogy, you don’t have to have top grade engineering skills to invent your own gadgets. Case in point: The new CC3000 click™ for adding Wi-Fi to your design.


This click board carries the CC3000 WiFi module from Texas Instruments with an integrated TCP/IPv4 stack with built-in network protocols (ARP, ICMP, DHCP client and DNS client). This makes adding wireless connectivity to your design as simple as it can be, Wi-Fi or RF expertise not required. The integrated EEPROM memory also spares your MCU’s internal resources.

The board communicates with the target microcontroller via mikroBUS™ UART UART (MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS), AN and INT lines. It also has a 2.4GHz ceramic antenna with a wireless range of about 70 meters in open space.

There’s a simple example demonstration on Libstock to give you ideas on how you might use it for your projects. Specs and details here.

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