Today we hosted our first ever Distributor Meet-Up, welcoming over 20 of our partners and friends from around the world.


Starting with a slideshow of images from the original MikroElektronika HQ in a shabby apartment in Belgrade’s Balkanska street, and ending with an image of a spaceship symbolizing our company’s future direction, we shared a lot today.

CEO Neb, Product Manager Aleksandar, Head of Sales Tiziano, and our brand new University Program Manager (also Libstock award winner) Richard Lowe delighted the audience with their wit and passion.

Near the end the room was darkened as we went through a top secret NDA part of the program in which we revealed… well, we can’t tell you what we revealed, but you’ll hear soon enough.

Earlier in the day Neb gave a company tour between two segments. After going through the production facilities and the engineering offices, the tour ended in his office. In there, three large-format hand drawn portraits cover a wall from floor to ceilling.

“These were drawn with a 0.5mm technical pencil,” Neb said, pointing at the two framed pieces. “When I consider the painstaking effort the artist must have put into drawing them, I’m always reminded that no matter how challenging things get – one can always, always, put in more effort.”

In a sense, that was the purpose of today’s get-together. As we grow and develop, we face new opportunities that demand new ideas and viewpoints. Along the way, we have to figure out how to put in more effort, to deliver more value.

Teamwork is what’s required. That’s why we’re working on strengthening the relationship with our distributors. The first annual meet-up is just a starting point. In the end, you, the customer, is who will benefit the most, by getting more support than ever.

Yours sincerely,

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