A PIC clicker review from Electronica Open Source, a popular Italian electronics blog.

PIC clicker review

This thorough 1500+ word review of the PIC clicker comes just in time to get you excited about our USB dongle promotion of PIC compilers.

The author, Pietro Tosato, has a lot of praise for the PIC clicker, calling the on-board PIC18F47J53 “the bomb!”

After going through all the features of the board, the review talks about click boards and mikroC for PIC. The IDE gets praise for its light weight and speed.

Lastly, to see how it works, Pietro writes a simple program to utilize the PIC clicker’s two push buttons as copy-paste shortcuts for txt editing on a PC. He does that by editing the USB-HID library. And he even provides a download link for his code.

If you understand Italian, you can read the review here (otherwise, use Google translate). But be aware that the site requires you to log in with your Facebook account before reading.

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