Today we start shipping the Buggy, our four wheel development workstation.

Buggy starts shipping today

The Buggy is a dream car for makers and hackers. It’s a platform for developing RC or autonomous robots made in the MikroElektronika style of making it simple.

We took advantage of all the innovations we came up with in recent years: the Buggy employs a clicker 2/mikromedia pinout that makes it compatible with a wide range of microcontroller architectures. It can have up to five mikroBUS sockets giving you the choice of over 100 click boards to enhance the four-wheeler and make it your own with various sensors, transceivers, displays and so on.

You’ll be able to build up a robot rover in one evening. Then disassemble it and repurpose it just as easily.

But first, have some fun just driving it around. Once you receive your Buggy, download the Android app that turns your smartphone or tablet into a remote control (works with either BLE P or Bluetooth click). The apps will be available for download soon, along with the source code so you can edit and make it your own.

The download section on the Buggy page now also contains the link to the user manual. You can flip through it (digitally speaking) while waiting for your Buggy box to arrive.

Check the available kits and choose the one that suits you. Order your Buggy today.

Yours sincerely,

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