Yet another TFT Proto, this time getting into tablet territory, with a 7” diagonal.

TFT Proto 7

TFT Proto 7” is two inches larger than the previous version. Of course the surface area increases faster than the diagonal, as you know from elementary school math, so you get more space to work with.

Otherwise, the board is the same as TFT Proto 5”. Same 4-wire resistive touchscreen panel, an SSD1963 graphic controller and an advanced STMPE811 touchpanel controller.

Also, the graphic controller has a 8/9/16/24-bit MCU interface with a deep-sleep power saving mode (accessed through the GPIO0 pin on the side of the board).

Lastly, the board is lined with two rows of 26 pins for interfacing it with your MCU, and it uses a 3.3V power supply.

Yours sincerely,

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