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Discover if the air quality of your home is good enough with our new Pollution click. It has high sensitivity to organic gases. This click is the 8th gas sensor click in your range, and you can check out the other seven here.

Pollution click

Pollution click carries the WSP2110 VOC gas sensor and runs on a 5V power supply. The sensor can detect gases such as benzene, methanal (also known as formaldehyde), toluene and more. The detection range of the sensor is 1~50ppm (part per million).

Whale oil and aftershave

In 1825 Michael Faraday discovered benzene, a natural hydrocarbon, and component of crude oil. Those days people created portable gas by dropping whale oil on hot furnaces. That oil gas was then condensed in a liquid form. Faraday discovered that it contained a substance which he called bicarburet of hydrogen and that we today call benzene.

We skip a few steps, and get to the 20th century, where people are using benzene in manufacturing everything from aftershave lotion to solvents for degreasing engines. Thankfully, today we know that benzene is a carcinogen, so it’s used only in some industrial processes.

With Pollution click, you can find out what percentage of benzene is present in the air. Or other organic gases.

For more information about Pollution click check out the product page.

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