Autumn arrived. We carry umbrellas to work now. Time for another temperature and humidity click board β€” Temp&Hum click.

Temp&Hum click

Temp&Hum click carries ST’s HTS221 temperature and relative humidity sensor. Its highlight is that it outputs its measurement in a 16-bit resolution and has a high rH sensitivity of 0.004% (although the accuracy range . In comparison, HTU21D click, HDC1000 click and SHT1x click all output a 12-14 bit resolution signal.

Otherwise, Temp&Hum click has similar specs to our other temperature and humidity solutions. Some people like to stick with vendors they had good experiences with, and ST is a popular choice.

We went out into a rainy afternoon for you to test how the Libstock example works. You can sit comfortably in front of your screen to read the details on the product page.


Yours sincerely,

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