Here’s a three-minute video report from the Munich Airport Mariott hotel where we participated at the TI MCU Design Days 2014.


CEO Neb and chief of Marketing Aleksandar were MikroElektronika’s line-up at this event. Aleksandar is behind the camera so you’re seeing through his eyes (note the yet-to-be-released buggy beside a tablet on our table).

Even though in the video it looks like they’re just handing out fanware and enjoying their tea (the fermented barley and hops variety generally favored at MikroElektronika), they in fact had some productive talks with TI executives, people from Mouser, and few others. All of which might lead to some new products, perhaps click boards, in the near future.

Afterwards, Neb and Aleksandar hopped to Munich for a final round of tea before heading home to continue working hard to bring you more new and exciting MikroE products.

Yours sincerely,

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