Our long-awaited 4-wheel motorized development workstation for clicker 2 and mikromedia boards is here. Use our end of year 10% discount and preorder yours now. Kits with clicker 2 and BLE P click also available.


With the Buggy, you’ll be able to develop autonomus or semiautonomus robotic four-wheelers. Just plug in a clicker 2 or mikromedia board into the driver’s seat (that’s the onboard clicker 2/mikromedia socket).

Then tune it up, modify and repurpose it for any task — Buggy features three mikroBUS sockets; if you put a clicker 2 in the drivers’s seat, that’s five slots for various sensors and communication boards. To remind you, there’s currently 101 click boards to choose from.

If you opt for one of the Buggy kits you’ll get a clicker 2 (choose between PIC18FJ and STM32) and a BLE P click for a better price. With BLE P click, you’ll get a free open source Android app that will allow you to drive the Buggy out of the box (we’ll make it available on Google Play before the shipping date).

Buggy starts shipping on January 26. Check out the specs and details and pre-order yours.

Yours sincerely,

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