ECG click with Arduino UNO

Teodor, our friend from, has written a sequel on ECG click. He describes how to use our ECG click with Arduino UNO, and saves Arduino users a lot of time and effort.

Teodor has written about ECG click before. In his previous post, he made a comparison of ECG click and the Olimex EKG-EMG.

For this tutorial, he uses the Arduino UNO, the Arduino UNO click shield and the ECG click, of course. In the first part he shows readers how to use the Serial plotter from Arduino IDE, so Arduino users don’t need to write the code from scratch. The second part is about using the Arduino IDE together with mikroPlot.

You can read more about the ECG click and mikroPlot in our Learn article from October. You’ll find out how the click works, how it acquires data and what exactly the MikroPlot app is. There is also an ECG click video setup guide.

The ECG click product page offers even more information, so check it out.

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