Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a summer internship at MikroElektronika? How many interns we have? What sort of projects are they working on?

We thought that since our intern lab is full, it was a good chance to give you a nice overview on how they are spending their time.

The industrial design duo from Belgrade is sitting at the round table, like the knights of Camelot. Except they don’t have any armor or swords (as far as we know).

Today they were learning how to make product images for the website. Some of our click boards™ to be precise. The whole process, from getting the click board out of the box, to photographing it and making it the right size as all the others in the range.

But first, we had a chat about what click boards™ are, what they can be used for and what the ones they are photographing do.

Our internship programs last from two weeks, to three months, depending on the requirements of the university and college the people are attending, or the time a person decides to commit to a project.

And on the other side of the office, below the colorful world map, we have six-member team of future engineers from France. They are as charming as the stereotype claims.

They all come from the ISEN University in Toulon, on the Mediterranean coast, and they are staying with us for two months. So, enough time to make some good friendships.

We asked Adrien, you see in the image above, what he thinks about his time here. As an answer, we got a rather shy smile and these words: “it is amazing here.”

He is setting up the SpeakUp click on one of our development boards, to make the light bulb change colors to his voice commands. It was a fun side project to help the design team with the product images.

But it’s not all work and no play. Everyone likes to relax after work, and the interns are no exception.

Yours sincerely,

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