Today 24 students and three professors from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad visited us.

Student field trip from FTN
Student field trip from FTN
Student field trip from FTN

Hosting student field trips was always our specialty. There is probably no another company that does it so often. The biggest attraction is the all white production facility. We explain the production process while the robotic turret heads from the pick and place machine whizz in the background.

We also like to give a few presentations to explain the MikroElektronika way of doing things. When we asked whether anyone used our tools, it is always pleasant to see the majority of hands coming up.

Providing the experience is an end to itself. But our goal is also to attract new interns and future colleagues. Several careers already started this way. We like to say that this is the best workplace for new engineers. We even printed a sign on the wall that says “We make engineers”.

Many thanks to Head of Department Professor Dr. Mirjana Damjanovic, Secretary of the Department Dragan Nikolić and Dr. Vladimir Rajs who made today’s visit possible.

Yours sincerely,

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