Yet another blog with mikroC tutorials for you to bookmark.

student companion

Whenever we find useful tutorials we like to share it with you. Student Companion SA is the latest example.

The owners of the blog posted one of their tutorials on our Facebook page. Even though the post in question (USB Communication Device Class with PIC microcontroller – mikroC) is over a year old, it seemed to us to be well written and laid out in a way that’s easy to follow.

We took a scroll through other posts tagged with mikroC and found a bunch.

The archives contains posts like “Digital Clock using PIC microcontroller and DS1307 Real Time Clock“, “GSM Based Temperature Data Logger with PIC microcontroller – mikroC“, “web-based control and monitoring with PIC microcontroller – mikroC“, “Automatic Temperature Control System using PIC microcontroller – mikroC“.

As you can hint from the titles, the tutorials emphasize practical applications over theory. That’s what the owners state in the “About Us” section too. Aside from tutorials for specific projects, the blog also publishes career advice for students and young entrepreneurs as well.

If you’re into tutorials such as these, we’d like to remind you of the comprehensive listing of 50+ mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal tutorials that we posted last year (it was one of the most read posts in 2014).

If all these tutorials seem elementary to you.. well then, you’re ready to start your own. They say that teaching is the best way to learn. And you can also rest assured that there’s a huge audience of aspiring Embedded developers out there hungry for knowledge you can provide. Why, our PIC microcontroller book is consistently one of the most visited pages on our site for years on end.

Yours sincerely,

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