Everyone here was a bit nervous when we launched the Hexiwear Kickstarter campaign. Reaching our goal gave us huge relief. We had a little celebration and a day of rest, but now we want to put back the excitement. It’s time for stretch goals.

Hexiwear stretch goals on Kickstarter

Note that none of these will impact the delivery date of the reward you pledged. Reaching stretch goals will justify putting additional workforce on the project. These are mainly to enhance and build upon the original Hexiwear experience.

We have a few ideas. Some of them are obvious wins and we’ll use them right away. For other, more lofty goals, we want to hear your thoughts first. Here it goes.

Stretch goals nearby

$30.000 – Implementing notifications into the Hexiwear firmware/smartphone apps

This one is especially suited for those who want to build a smartwatch. Receive upcoming email and SMS notifications on your Hexiwear. Or the other way around: get push-notifications from Hexiwear on your phone.

$35.000 – WiFi demo with Hexiwear and Hexiwear docking station

We will create a demo that lets you put Hexiwear on a docking station, put WiFi3 click on one of the sockets, and upload the sensor readings directly to the WolkSense cloud (circumventing BLE and the smartphone app).

Now, for some more ambitious ideas.

Bigger ambitions

Some of these are based on your input (will there be mikroC support? Can we use Python? How long does the battery last? ); others are what we came up on our own.

Our suggestions are not tied to particular funding goals yet. We are putting them to a vote. Based on results, the scope of work will be determined, and we will pin a number to the most popular suggestions. Here’s the choice:

mikroC support for Kinetis, with 9 months free trial for each Hexiwear user
Python support for Hexiwear
Water-proof casing for Hexiwear (an additional sealed casing that protects Hexiwear from the elements) – this and the next two items will be offered as additional rewards if we decide to create them.
Compact mikroBUS™ expander – many of you have been asking us to add GPS, NFC, or similar features inside the hardware. That’s not feasible at the moment, but we can make a simple compact expansion board that lets you add that one feature that you miss.
Solar charger – a solar panel that connects to the Hexiwear and charges its battery
Battery pack – Hexiwear is low power already, but with an additional battery pack you could set it and forget it.

Click here to cast your vote. We really want to make the best possible version of Hexiwear for all of you.

Yours sincerely,

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