Brew a pot of coffee and set aside a few hours. Embedded-Lab just posted another one of their exhaustive tutorials, this time covering STM32 timers.


“Oh that was too much for one post I guess. Nearly one month of hard work and continuous studies compiled here,” says Shawon Shahryiar at the end of this latest blog post – which could’ve easily been an Ebook, say, a Kindle single.

What preceded is an overview of STM32 timers with about 10 different code examples, relying on Timer calculator or various mikroe compiler libraries.

Here’s a list of headings and subheadings as a map of the journey ahead before you start going over the tutorial:

Time base generation
– MikroE Timer Calculator Example
– Multiple Timer Interrupt Example
– External Clock Drive/Counter Example
– Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
– MikroC PWM Library Example
– Output Compare Mode (PWM) Example
Advance Timer Complementary PWM Generation Example

Input capture
– Input Capture Example
– Pulse Width Measurement Example

We featured Shawon Shahryiar many times here. He wrote several in-depth posts covering specific features of STM32. The last one featured here was the ABCs of STM32’s ADC. In the meantime he also joined Libstock, positng over 30 submissions in 48 hours at one time.

It’s definitely a blog worth following.

Yours sincerely,

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