The popular PIC clicker finally gets a 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 sibling—meet STM32 M4 clicker.

STM32 M4 clicker

The PIC clicker was a huge hit among the 8-bit community ever since we launched it last year. It gave you a way to turn your ideas into working gadgets with an absolute minimum of time or money required.

Now as we’re rushing towards releasing our hundreth click board, it was high-time to reach out to 32-bit enthusiasts among you with an ARM® powered clicker.

So here it is, PIC clicker’s first cousin, STM32 M4 clicker:

It features a 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 STM32F415RG MCU. It’s an awesome device operating at up to 168 MHz, 1024 KB of Flash memory, and and 192 KB of SRAM.

Staying true to the winning format, STM32 M4 clicker is similar to its PIC cousin in almost every respect: It has a single mikroBUS™ socket, a Mini USB-B connector, two LEDs, two push-buttons, and a reset button, and additional pins to connect external electronics.

You can program the board directly through the USB connection because of the preprogrammed USB HID bootloader; or you can use mikroprog for STM32 with the onboard JTAG connector.

What’s new is the VBAT battery pins. With these pins, you can connect a battery to power the MCU’s hibernation module. Your click board gadgets can keep time even when you plug off the main power supply.

We can’t wait to start churning out new Let’s Make projects with our new toy. What about you? Browse through our click board selection and start jotting down ideas. Review specs and details about STM32 M4 clicker here.

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