Add precision motor control to your next design with the STEPPER click™.


Our newest click board carries a A3967SLBT stepper motor driver for controlling bipolar step motors in full-, half-, quarter- and eighth-step modes with output drive capability of 30V and about ±500 mA.

What’s nice about it is that the package includes a B5B-XH-A connector (delivered unsoldered) to easily plug in or plug out your stepper motor, although we also provide two screw terminals as an alternative connecting option, depending on which stepper motor you’ll be using. If you don’t have one, there’s a new stepper motor in our store.

Start exploring STEPPER click’s capabilities with our examples from Libstock, and check detailed specifications for the board here.

In other news, today was opening day of this year’s Embedded World in Nürnberg, and as you know we’re part of the exhibition. Stay tuned for first reports we’ll be posting tomorrow.

Yours sincerely,

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