Small step but bigger motor.

Stepper 2 click

After DC Motor 2 click, here’s another sequel for motor driver click boards, surpassing its predecessor when it comes to motors it can drive. Stepper 2 click carries the A4988 bipolar stepper motor with an output drive capability of up to 35V and ±2A.

But power is nothing without control (as the Pirelli tires TV ads used to say), so Stepper 2 click is also more precise than the original Stepper click. It can go down to 1/16th of a step to drive the motor.

Three onboard jumpers allow you to switch between different stepping modes (steps and micro steps).

Three pair of screw terminals are on the board. The first two are for connecting the motor (we sell a 5V one in our store) and the second is for bringing an external power supply, which is required.

More details on the product page. The Libstock example is coming soon.

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