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SPI or Serial Peripheral Interface is one of the most popular protocols for sending data in the embedded world. So chances are you are using SPI in one of your projects. You’ll be glad to know that we have made a click board™ for isolating it – SPI Isolator click.

SPI Isolator click

SPI Isolator click carries the ADuM4154 digital isolator optimized for a serial peripheral interface (SPI). The click offers up to 5kV of isolation.

A digital isolator like the SPI Isolator click is an alternative for the common optocoupler, better than it in terms of power consumption, speed, and size.

Digital isolators reduce noise and eliminate ground loops.

For more information about the SPI Isolator click see the product page.

This click doesn’t require a Libstock example, so that is the reason you will not find it in the download section of the SPI Isolator click product page.

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