This weekend, sunny warm weather brings some of us all outside to spend our time enjoying in nature. So, we have decided to present you with a special treat: BUY mikroMMB for PIC32 and get Battery Boost Shield Board and microSD card with adapters absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

You’ll be able to load you favorite mikroMMB application, put two AAA batteries in the Battery Boost Shield and be outside all day carrying your favorite board. Show it to your friends and they will be amazed. Create games, MP3 players, Guitar Tuners, personal heart-rate monitors, even pedometers with mikroMMB for PIC32, and carry it with you wherever you go. microSD card will give you just enough storage capacity to store your favorite songs or other information. It really is all up to your imagination.

But hurry up! This offer only lasts for the weekend, so don’t miss your chance to SAVE MONEY and equip yourself with the right tools!

Have a great weekend!

Yours sincerely,

Special Weekend Offer
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