We know how annoying it can be to always calculate how much boards you order just to get it all in the same package and pay only one shipping fee. This is why this weekend we’ll help you clear your mind of that, so you can focus on your great ideas for future projects. Only for the weekend BUY mikromedia for PIC24 board for $99 and GET FREE SHIPPING with DHL! You’ll SAVE $25 and get the board in 2-4 business days at your doorstep.

With mikromedia for PIC24 your favorite PIC24 chip is now the brains of your new pocket-size multimedial station. It is a carefully designed, great-looking and compact board carrying multimedia peripherals, such as big TFT 320×240 screen, Stereo MP3 decoder, USB 2.0 support and with amazing storage capabilities. You can build MP3 players, games, graphical control interfaces, and all sorts of interesting applications.

But hurry up! This offer only lasts for the weekend, so don’t miss your chance to SAVE MONEY and equip yourself with the right tools!

Have a great weekend!

Yours sincerely,

Special Weekend Offer: BUY mikromedia for PIC24 and get FREE SHIPPING with DHL!
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