This week we’re showing you how to set up a private web server on a mikromedia plus. Connect a few click boards and you’ll be able to remotely monitor your home, garden, farm, factory, laboratory… from anywhere in the the world and from any device connected to the internet. To draw your attention to the project, the hardware we used is 10% off until Monday morning, 9:00 AM CET (scroll down to see the kit)

You’ll find a lot of examples online on how to set up a wireless data logging or automation system. But on second look you’ll see that a lot of them are limited to a local network. Come to think of it, if you’re already on site, why would you need remote control?

Our mikroWeb server bypasses these restriction by relying on – a dynamic DNS system that allows you to setup a domain that’s tied to your public IP address (for free).

You can google around the find similar services, but the point is that noIP eliminates the need for a static IP address, hence, you’re not limited to using the local IP of your home network.

The example code is robust against connection losses (caused by power outages for example). Once the mikromedia restarts, the newly changed IP address will be automatically tied to your noip domain.

To protect against security breaches, it’s best to set up a specific port on your router that connects to the mikromedia.

You’ll find that the Libstock code is well documented. In the example, we built a simple dashboard (viewable from any web browser) that displays readings from the following click boards:

hdc1000 click – temperature and humidity
air quality click – measuring the level of toxic gases in the air
motion click – to detect if anyone is sneaking around, perhaps an unauthorized cat
relay click – to switch appliances on and off, perhaps to blast your stereo and scare off the cat

You can customize the example code for any set of click boards. If you want to use exactly the ones we did, they are 10% until monday morning (9:00 AM CET).

The mikromedia plus for STM32 and the shield are also 10% OFF.

An even better deal, for those who want to get the complete set, is our mikroWeb server kit. At $255, it’s a 15%* discount compared to the regular price of individual components. Get it before Monday to get the discount: (click here to add to cart).

mikroWeb server kit

The well documented code is on Libstock. Try it out, and let us know what you did with it.

Yours sincerely,

*the first version of this post mentioned a 20% discount instead of 15%, which was an error on our part

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