Take a rest and go do something completely different. It’s May Day. International worker’s day. We are offering 10% OFF on everything in our store until Wednesday morning.

May Day offer 10% OFF

Our motto is work hard, play harder. Prior to our May Day extended weekend off we finished an official company-wide basketball tournament. Eight teams of three players + substitues. Roughly 1/4 of all our employees took part, while the rest of them stayed after work to watch the games and cheer. It wasn’t one of those “winning is not important but participation counts” events. No, employees flung elbows at their bosses, nobody pulled punches.

The reward? A 3D printed figurine of one of our colleagues. Don’t ask why, it’s an inside joke. After working harder then you thought you could, winning is its own reward.

Only after hard work can one truly enjoy a day or two off. You can afford some rest while recuperating to go at it again.

So, whether you are celebrating Mayday, or not, take a break from the daily grind and cop some of our new boards. The freshest is our CEC1302 solution and Text To Speech click (the most fun we had in a while with a click board). Everything else in our store is 10% OFF as well. Offer lasts until Wednesday May 4 at 9 AM CET.

Yours sincerely,

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