Celebrating International Women’s day, we offer a 8% discount this weekend. Offer is valid from 5:00PM CET on March 7th until 12:00PM CET (noon) on March 9th.


We would like to honor women who have been making their contribution to STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math), starting from Ada Lovelace who is considered to be the world’s first programmer. Also, Deborah Estrin, Cornell Tech professor and embedded network sensing pioneer, Mary Allen Wilkes, designer of early operating systems, Radia Perlman, designer of the spanning-tree protocol (STP).

And of course some of you already know our own Marina Petrovic, she’s an engineer currently working in our support department.

There are many more, but still, it shouldn’t pass unnoticed that in general, there isn’t enough women working in the tech industry. For instance, according to NPR, almost 90% of Sillicon Valley start ups are launched by men.

These are things worth thinking about. We hope to bring them to your attention with this Women’s day weekend promotion.

Yours sincerely,

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