Special birthday surprise flash sale: EasyPIC v7 for $99! Offer lasts for 24h only, that’s until Tuesday 5:00 PM CET.

EasyPIC v7 birthday offer

Put your party hats on! Light up the LEDs. EasyPIC v7 turns three years today. It’s our most famous development system and a top-seller even today.

The innovation that went into its design had an impact on everything that followed.

To name a few, it’s the board that introduced mikroBUS™—spawning a line-up that currently has just shy of 100 click boards (96).

EasyPIC v7 was also the first to put mikroProg on board, a design innovation that we used on all subsequent 7th generation Easy boards.

All that means that this is the board that stands the test of time: Each new click board makes it more useful and versatile. The onboard programmer supports more than 350 PICs, much more than when the board was first released.

And it’s not like PIC MCUs are going anywhere—quite the contrary, we already mentioned that the demand for them is growing by 15% and 20% per quarter.

Naturally, that also means that there’s a growing demand for capable and efficient PIC developers as well—and EasyPIC v7 will turn you into one.

This expectional offer lasts for 24h only (until Tuesday, October 7, 5:00PM CET). The discount also applies to kits also. And if you’re equipping a lab or a class-room, you have discounts on quantity also: If you purchase more than 5 EasyPICs, it’s $94.5 each; if you buy more than 20, the price is $89.10 per EasyPIC v7.

Yours sincerely,

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