It’s time for our traditional Halloween offer – a 13% spooky discount on everything in the shop.

We’ve been mixing a special potion in the cauldron. Few spider webs and bat wings, tears of an evil witch, three drops of moonlight and some other secret ingredients. The Sales team drank it this morning and now they are ready for the weirdest discount of the year. Goblins don’t frighten them, werewolves are kept at bay, even vampires keep a safe distance.

No need for trick or treating this year. Fill your bag with click boards™, they are better than candy.

Put some LED matrix click boards inside a pumpkin. As the sun sets the pumpkins will begin to glow. Add MOTION click, and you’ll know when somebody is approaching your front door.

The offer lasts from Monday, October 30, 12:00 CET until Wednesday, November 1, 12:00 CET.

For more information about our products, visit the shop.

Yours sincerely,

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