Today we start shipping our speech recognition click board, The SpeakUp. The wait is finally over.


Discover the convenience of issuing commands with your voice and turn any electronic device into an obedient servant. Just say the word, and turn your lights on or off, control your home entertainment system, or build more complex home automation systems. The SpeakUp allows you to do all this through a simple & straightforward configuration process, regardless of your language, dialect, or slang.

The SpeakUp is a small 25.4mm x 57.2mm board with a microphone, an audio IC and an STM32F415RG MCU with a DTW based firmware developed specifically for it. It works by listening to what you’re saying, and matching the sound to a voice command you previously recorded. And the way you do that is through the free software configuration tool we developed:

Download SpeakUp’s configuration software right now to get a sense of how it works. It’s all buttons and drop-down menus. No programming required. You can configure it in minutes. For a more detailed overview and walkthrough, download the manual we just released.

After you configure it, you can put it into action. See how we did it with two demonstration videos. In this one we navigated an RC buggy through our dinning hall. The second video we released demonstrates the SpeakUp as part of a home entertainment set-up (with a Raspberry Pi + Pi click shield, and XMBC). But since the SpeakUp is finally leaving the confinement of our HQ, we expect the community will come up with many new ideas.

For $39 you won’t find a speech recognition solution like it. Turn talk to action – order yours today.

Yours sincerely,

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