Last week we took part in the first Science fair organized by Yangon university in Myanmar.

MikroElektronika at Science Fair in Myanmar

Karaoke parties at night, SpeakUp demos at daytime, and a few hours of sleep stuck in between—that’s the gist of it. Here’s the long version:

Chiefly intended for college students, over 60 exhibitors participated in the six-day Yangon Science fair, including Lucas Nuelle and National Instruments to name a few.

Students were crowding our booth to get a glimpse of our voice controlled lights demo: we prepared a set-up consisting of a SpeakUp, relay click, and a red LED strip that would light up a MikroElektronika logo on command. It performed well in the crowded environment. Students took their turn to try it for themselves. Even Myanmar’s vice-president Dr. Sai Mauk Khan was curious to see it in action.

MikroElektronika at Science Fair in Myanmar

We also took our buggy for a spin (the one you saw in the first SpeakUp video), demonstrating how the recently released BLE P click and its Android app work.

As always, the ever-growing click board display was also attracting a lot of attention.

MikroElektronika at Science Fair in Myanmar

In the more formal part of the proceedings, Aleksandar, our chief of Marketing, presented our ARM solutions to a select audience of University professors; CEO Neb spoke about the company and our plans for the future in a separate talk.

It’s only been a few months since our last visit to Myanmar, but this time it was a far bigger event. The level of organization was on par with much larger exhibitions in Germany or the USA which we attended in the past.

MikroElektronika at Science Fair in Myanmar

The only thing we didn’t like about the whole thing were the Durian flavored wafers we brought home with us. It’s an acquired taste to say the least—we prefer the smell of solder paste.

Yours sincerely,

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