SpeakUp click makes adding speech recognition to your design as easy as riding a bike. So how about putting one on your bike’s handlebars, for controlling a rear light for example? Since both of your hands are busy—unless you’re doing a look-ma-no-hands thing—speech recognition makes perfect sense.


A project just like that surfaced on Pinoccio’s forums. Pinoccio is an open source, Atmel ATmega256RFR2-powered toolkit for building wireless, web-enabled projects (the basic kit containing two wirelessly connected boards)

So at the forum, a user that goes under the name Cisco wrote about his progress in building a system for controlling a custom LED bike rear-light (Adafruit’s Neopixel LED ring) with his voice.

For the time being the project is still off the bike. But it’s worth checking out because it’s sort of a how-to guide for using SpeakUp’s advanced settings (acceptance threshold and noise level) until you set them up to respond perfectly to your commands.

Also—and this is what we liked the most—the project includes a custom built SpeakUp to Pinoccio PCB adapter—because Cisco couldn’t stand unsightly wire jumper clutter.

For more SpeakUp projects, if you haven’t already, check out our voice-controlled lights and voice-controlled chess projects. Also, there’s Andrew Hazelden’s perfect video guide to the SpeakUp.

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