Next batch ready for pre-order, starts shipping June 1.


The first batch of SpeakUps sold out like hot cakes. Looks like folks yearned for a simple and affordable speech recognition solution for a long time. If we had known we would’ve developed it earlier. First announced on March 5, the SpeakUp was ready for pre-order by the middle of the month.

To give you ideas about the SpeakUp’s potential we published two videos, the one with the voice controlled RC buggy and the other featuring the as part of a home entertainment set-up. And for the simplest of demonstrations, take a look at this Vine video posted by Sébastien Joly, an early adopter from France (don’t forget to turn on the sound, upper left corner)

Once we were ready for shipping on April 28, we made the SpeakUp’s configuration software available for free download, giving you an even better impression of what to expect. About that time the number of orders sharply increased, leaving us temporarily out of stock until we produce a fresh batch.

SpeakUps are now again open for pre-order. We’ll start shipping the new batch in three weeks, that’s June 1. If you want to discover the convenience of speech recognition for yourself, pre-orders yours in time, lest we run out of them again.

In other news, we’re celebrating 10 years of Compiler development this month, so do check out the incredible once-in-a-decade discounts we’re offering. And you can win a free license too.

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