SpeakUp, the speech recognition click board, is back in stock. If you’ve placed your pre-order during May, shipping starts today.


Looks like our video demonstration with the SpeakUp receiving input in many languages made an impact. We’re shipping them all over the world. It’s a top-seller among click boards. So far we received orders from 32 countries. Various SpeakUps will be listening to commands delivered in 23 languages, from Arabic to Korean, Czech to Malay, not to mention the different accents of English, Spanish and Portuguese. And of course French (upper left corner to turn on the sound):


Whether you speak any, or perhaps all of these languages, the SpeakUp is simple to configure and use. You just record your commands and assign actions to them using the free software. For a more detailed overview of the entire workflow, consult the manual.

Specs and details here. Order yours today.

Yours sincerely,

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