A few weeks ago we published the API for SpeakUp. It was quite a silent release for a board with that name. So let’s draw some attention to it.

SpeakUp API

The SpeakUp API package contains everything you need to build your own software for configuring the speech recognition click board: DLL files, a C header file with necessary declarations, a simple example written in c++, and a help file with descriptions of interfaces and routines.

Why would you want to build your own app when there already is one, available for free? It’s primarily useful if you’re implementing the speech recognition click board in a final product. Your own software tool can emphasize or de-emphasize certain aspects of SpeakUp’s hardware.

For example, consider our Let’s make project with voice-controlled chess. Using this API you could create a chess-specific SpeakUp configuration tool, with an interface that clearly references which row or column on the chess board is which UART index. That would eliminate the need for any sort of additional instructions which would be necessary if one used the default SpeakUp app.

Ever since we launched SpeakUp it has been one of the most popular click boards. Hopefully, with this API it will become even more useful for existing and future owners.

Yours sincerely,

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