A simplified version of our speech recognition click board.

With SpeakUp 2, we managed to fit the speech recognition firmware onto a single chip, a 32-bit FT900. This allowed us to produce a board with a simplified hardware design and a lower price.

There are some performance trade-offs, but those will be irrelevant for many people. For example, SpeakUp 2 can be programmed for 100 voice commands, while the original SpeakUp could do 200. Also, SpeakUp 2 can accept commands up to a second long, while the original could accept phrases up to 5 seconds long.

Think of SpeakUp 2 as of a MacBook Air compared to MacBook PRO (the original SpeakUp).

Here’s the video to summarize the differences:


Both SpeakUps can be programmed with the same SpeakUp software utility.

The whole process is explained in the Learn article. Alternatively, a more in-depth exploration of all the features is available on the docs page.

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