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The new release of ARM compilers is four weeks away (release date is February 27). We are proceeding according to schedule. For those who are closely following, we just published a detailed progress report. You can find it in the newest entry to the Project Log on the Software Roadmap page.

To remind you, this release is about adding support for Texas Instrument’s ARM® Cortex-M4® MSP432 MCUs. Most of the work, therefore, is about updating the command line and the libraries to accommodate this family of MCUs.

To sum up, the work on all the hardware modules has been completed. Specifically, libraries for GPIO, ADC, SPI, PWM, PWM3, Flash, UART, I2C are completed.

Our MSP2432 toolchain will include clicker and clicker 2 boards. At this stage, the prototypes have been successfully tested. We are now working to provide new example sets covering these two boards.

The release of the compiler will be accompanied by a new version of mikroProg Suite for ARM with support for MSP432 (with debugger). This is mostly done. We are running final tests.

All the standard MikroElektronika software libraries are underway.

Much more detail is provided in the Project Log.


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