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Near the end of the previous year we revealed which three compilers are next up to get new releases. The list we published was scarce on details and had a rough estimate of the actual release date. In today’s update, we are giving you the exact dates:

  • ARM compilers: February 27
  • AVR compilers: May 11
  • PIC32 compilers: July 13

We also have news to satisfy your curiosity about which new MCUs the new compiler versions will be supporting.

The first-in-line release is for ARM compilers. The new version will add support for Texas Instrument’s MSP432 ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCUs. As reported in the Project Log, we are almost done with testing and libraries for hardware modules (ADC, UART, SPI, I2C and so on).

Next up are AVR compilers. Scheduled for May 2017, the new release will add support for 10 new microcontrollers. Six AtTiny devices and four AtMega MCUs.

Further down the calendar, PIC32 compilers will be supporting 62 new MCUs. The majority of which from the high-performance PIC32MZ family.

Note that these are preliminary lists of new MCUs. We may add more devices to the list, or, less likely, remove some.

Obviously, the current version of the Software Roadmap does not represent all releases we plan for 2017. Just the next three. As soon as we become ready to share the details on others, we will do so.

Until then, keep revisiting the Roadmap page and follow the Project Logs. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. You can post them here, or even better, on the dedicated Roadmap topics on our Forum (click to join the discussion on ARM, AVR, or PIC32)


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