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The new release of ARM compilers is three weeks away (release date is February 27). Everything is proceeding as expected. We are just checking in with another progress report.

For the complete report visit the Project Log on the Software Roadmap page. What follows is a brief overview.

As mentioned, this release is about adding support for Texas Instrument’s ARM® Cortex-M4® MSP432 MCUs.

Our software team reports that they completed updates to over 40 of the default software libraries. This includes button, CMath, FFT, FIR, math, MathDouble, Matrices, PrintOut, Sound, TFT, Time, SPILcd and more.

CANSPI, TouchPanel, RS485 and several other software libraries are in the final stages of testing.

On the hardware side, our software team reports that the AES256 encryption library has been finished.

To remind you, the release of the compiler will be accompanied by a new version of mikroProg Suite for ARM with support for MSP432 (with debugger).

Our MSP2432 toolchain will also include clicker and clicker 2.

To see the complete list of libraries of which only a few are mentioned here, make sure to read the Project Log.


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