The famous saying goes: there is no smoke without a fire. But there are some fires that start out so slow that you can’t even see them, and they produce large amounts of smoke. These so-called smoldering fires are hard to detect unless you have an optical sensor for smoke detection, like the one onboard Smoke click.

Smoke click

Smoke click carries the MAX30105 high-sensitivity optical sensor for smoke detection, from Maxim Integrated. The sensor includes internal LEDs, photodetectors, optical elements and low-noise electronics with ambient light rejection. The sensor can detect a wide variety of smoke particle sizes.

With a low power consumption of 0.7μA in Shutdown mode Smoke click is well suited for IoT applications.

Optical smoke detection sensors

An optical or photoelectric smoke alarm consists of a LED that transmits a light beam and a light sensor. If smoke particles disrupt the light beam the sensors sets off an alarm.

These types of smoke detector sensors are more responsive to smoldering fires, that start out slow and take a longer time to become flaming fires.

For more information about Smoke click see the product page.

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