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When building a user interface you want something simple and intuitive, easy to use and understand. One of the best ways to do this is with a smart display. You get a display, a touch screen, a processor, a graphic controller and much more.

Theodor from has made a really nice review of our SmartGLCD 240×128 Board. Take a look what he has to say about the resolution, size of the screen and the inner workings of the SmartGLCD.


SmartGLCD 240×128 Board is a full-featured tool for easy development of embedded graphical applications using PIC18F87K22 device.

There is enough space to save pictures, music or other media on the microSD card, and implement it into your application.

Smart GLCD – mikromedia comparison

Even though the mikromedia boards use TFT and have better resolution than the SmartGLCD, as Todor says:

“sometimes it pays off to trade off resolution for a bigger display.”

For more information about the SmartGLCD take a look at the product page.

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