Long awaited Smart GLCD 240×128 board has finally arrived! We know that many of you will be very pleased to hear this, because an interest for this product was big in the previous months, especially since the release of Visual GLCD sofwtare.

And the board itself is impressive. It can behave as a standalone device or development system, or you can even bypass the microcontroller and use it as just GLCD with touchpanel. It has large 240×128 GLCD display with Touch panel, RGB backlight, microSD card slot and all that driven with PIC18F8527 microcontroller.

But we went one step further! Right from the start, board comes preprogrammed with UART bootloader, so you can use it without having to buy expensive external programmers. It is ready to rock right out of the box. You can use our ready-to-use examples to get started.

The best thing is that the board is supported by Visual GLCD software, so you’ll have a powerful tool for fast and easy creation of great GLCD GUIs.

We invite you to visit the SmartGLCD 240×128 webpage. Also, please take a minute of your time to watch a short video that demonstrates the basic board operation.

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